Terms & Conditions

Website terms & conditions
Please read these conditions carefully and retain for future reference as they form the basis of your contract between “us” hereinafter referred to as ”Pirin Chalet” and all those listed on the booking form on whose behalf the party leader is acting, hereinafter called the “Guest”. A contract will only exist once you have received confirmation of your reservation through our online booking system and we have received your initial deposit.

1. Deposits and Payments
A deposit of 50% (of accommodation cost) will be taken at the point of booking. The final balance of payment is due 8 weeks prior to your arrival date at the chalet. If final payment has not been received by this date, the booking will be treated as a cancellation and the deposit shall not be refunded. Should the booking be made within 8 weeks of the date of departure, the full amount is payable immediately by the “Guest” (50% will be taken through the online system and we will contact the “Guest” for payment of the remainder). No contract shall exist between “Pirin Chalet” and the “Guest” until the “Guest” receives the booking confirmation and “Pirin Chalet” receives the deposit (or Full payment if booked within 8 weeks of arrival).

Forms of Payment
Acceptable payment types are Bank Transfer and Credit Card – credit card payments are made via PayPal.
“Pirin Chalet” will not be responsible for charges imposed on the “Guest” by your bank or credit card issuer. This also includes payment discrepancies caused by variations in exchange rates used by your bank / credit card issuer.
In the event of a rejected payment the “Guest” will be contacted to make immediate payment by other means. Failure to do this will mean automatic cancellation of the booking.
In the event of late payment of your final balance, charges or loss of revenue incurred on our behalf will be added to your balance.

2. Cancellation & Changes
Cancellation by “Pirin Chalet”- In the unlikely event that “Pirin Chalet” cancels of amends the reservation, the “Guest” will be notified as soon as possible. Where an amendment is made, the “Guest” will have the options to:
A - accept the change.
B - cancel the reservation, in which case we will offer a full refund.

Cancellation by the “Guest”- If you cancel your booking you must inform “Pirin Chalet” in writing immediately to enquiries@chaletbansko.com. In all cases your premium and deposit will be forfeited and you will become liable for charges on the following scale:
• Over 8 weeks before arrival date - deposit only
• Under 8 weeks before arrival date - 100% of holiday cost

3. Behaviour
During your stay with “Pirin Chalet” all clients are expected to behave in an orderly and acceptable manner. Should their behaviour threaten the condition of the accommodation or seriously impair the enjoyment of other guests, “Pirin Chalet” reserves the right to refuse to further accommodate the guilty party and contractual obligations will be terminated. The guilty party will be liable for the cost of any damage caused.

4. Responsibility
In the event of death or personal injury to The “Guest” or any of your party staying with “Pirin Chalet confirmed on the booking confirmation we do not accept liability if such death or personal injury is not through any fault of ours. In particular we do not accept responsibility if the death or personal injury is caused through no fault of ours or is due to circumstances which we could not reasonably foresee or have avoided.
You agree that if you have a claim against us which is the fault of another party that in the event of our dealing with your claim those rights that you have against the other party are transferred to us or our insurers. Various International Conventions govern compensation, which can be paid in other circumstances whilst on holidays or travelling and these Conventions apply to our Contract with you.
We do not accept liability or pay compensation for any event which “Pirin Chalet” could not foresee or avoid, amounting to Force Majeure (Force Majeure meaning war, political unrest, weather, strikes, acts of God, epidemics, riots, civil strife, industrial disputes, terrorist activity, natural or technical disasters, nuclear war)
Any cancellation, loss, delay or costs wheresoever or howsoever arising or connected with adverse weather or traffic conditions, avalanche, mud slips, slides and snow conditions and the effect any of these may have on travel arrangements, accommodation and activities.
Limitations imposed by resort authorities, ski-lifts, ski school or ski hire operators.
Travel arrangements made by the group or on behalf of the group.

5. Disclaimer
A Hot Tub is available free of charge for the use of the “Guest”. Instructions for its safe use are available in the chalet. We do not provide supervision for its safe use and it is therefore the responsibility of the “guest” to use this safely and supervise any children. We will not accept liability for any injury or death caused through its use or misuse.

6. Vehicle, Personal Possessions and Luggage.
“Pirin Chalet” offers private parking with CCTV. A Safe is also provided for the safe storage of valuables. However ‘Pirin Chalet” will not be held responsible for any theft or loss of personal possessions from our premises or the “Guests” vehicles. Whilst we will endeavor to ensure the security of personal possessions of the party, we cannot guarantee it. Please be aware of this fact and leave expensive / personally valuable items at home. Personal possessions and their loss or damage will be subject the the “guests” own travel insurance policy.

7. Smoking policy
We operate a strictly no smoking policy in the chalet. If people wish to smoke they must do so outside. A covered balcony with ashtrays is available for your convenience. If it is found that you have smoked within our accommodation you will be liable to a cleaning charge of up to £500.00.

8. Check In / Check Out Times
On arrival “Pirin Chalet” will be available after 4.00pm. On departure day the ”Guest” must vacate the chalet by 11:00am.

9. Insurance
It is the responsibility of the “Guest” to purchase travel insurance prior to arrival.

10. Complaints
Any complaints should be raised with “Pirin Chalet” as soon as possible, preferably in resort, or to enquiries@chaletbansko.com no later than 14 days after returning home.

11. Visa/Passports
It is your responsibility to be in possession of a valid passport and/or any visa necessary. If you do not have a British or EU passport, please be sure to check visa requirements for the countries you will be visiting. It is a compulsory requirement in Bulgaria to register every “Guest” with the police and tourist office. A valid passport is required for this process.

12. Website Information
chaletbansko.com website information is correct to the best of “Pirin Chalets” knowledge at the time of going live. Information relating to the resort cannot be guaranteed since changes can occur at any time outside the control of “Pirin Chalet”.

13. Transfers and Car Hire
Transfers and/or car hire are not included in the price of the chalet but we can recommend third suppliers. “Pirin Chalet” will not be liable for any claims arising from a third party. The “Guests” contract will directly with the third party.

14. General Terms
Children - No matter how much care is taken, the Chalet is not childproof. “Pirin Chalet” will not be held responsible for any accidents occurring within the chalet, it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their children are supervised at all times.
Lost and Stolen Property - Any “Guest” not properly securing the exits after leaving the chalet will be liable for any property stolen as a result of that negligence.
“Pirin Chalet” will not be held responsible for any theft or loss of personal possessions from our premises / vehicles. Whilst “Pirin Chalet” will endeavor to ensure the security of “guests” personal possessions, “Pirin Chalet” cannot guarantee it.
It is up to the “guest” to ensure that each member of his/her group is responsible for the safety of all their own personal possessions, documents and equipment. No responsibility or liability is or will be accepted in respect of such items.
Special Requests - If you have a special request, please email these to enquiries@chaletbansko.com. We cannot guarantee any request that you ask us to provide unless we have confirmed it in writing.
Cots and High Chairs - Please request at time of booking by email to enquiries@chaletbansko.com if you require this facility. We cannot be held liable if you have not requested.
Limited Mobility Access
The chalets living area and kitchen are on the 2nd floor accessible only by 1 flight of stairs. There is no lift in the property.
Company Information
Bamro OOD is a limited company, Bulgarian registered. Company Number 131423825.